Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm Back With Some Weird Thoughts

For me that is the ULTIMATE question. Ask anyone who has edited my stories or listened to me complain about my characters. Today I was able to do a quick Fall Flasher (508 words) on another blogsite to which I contribute. Here's the link if you're interested in checking it out--heck, it may just end up a story somewhere down the line:

Anyway, the delete key is my friend. It hovers there in the upper right hand corner of my keyboard, winking at me when my characters are refusing to behave. Or, more noticably, when my Muse is PMSing and tells me everything I write is crap! On those days (the PMSing Muse ones, not the difficult characters ones) I waddle off to whine at my friends (thank you Jen and Cary and all the Georgia's Crew) and beg them to help me through--my Muse refuses Midol and I don't trust her with alcohol (heck, I don't trust myself with alcohol--I worry for the planet if my Muse gets hold of a 25 year-old Lagavulin)

I digress, a habit of mine I'm constantly fighting. Back to the delete key. I swear it talks to me. It must be in cahoots with my Muse (what that little minx is using as a bribe, I don't want to know...or maybe I do, hmmm) because on my lowest days--and her loudest--my temptation to hit the CTRL+A then the Del key is right up there with a chocolate festival. I have to go back through the story and recognize the good stuff and know that there is more good than bad in the mix and get past the doubts.
Note: Delete and Doubts begin with the same letter and have the same number of letters in them. Perhaps its a subliminal thing.

After this long, rambling (insert disjointed here) monologue, I'm wondering if there are others who are tempted by The Golden Delete Key (my nickname for it). Tell me, am I alone in my strange little world (I don't doubt that I am, but it would be nice if I weren't) where the Delete key whispers and motions me toward eliminating all my writing? (I promise, I'm not a crazy as I sound--I don't think, hmmmm)

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