Monday, November 10, 2008

American Title V Contest

Well, it's begun.
Today Romantic Times will be posting the first round of the American Title V contest and I'm freaking out!
My book, In A Lover's Silence, is one of the finalists and I'm desperately hoping I don't get knocked out in the first round. The other 7 ladies in the contest are great gals and I appreciate all the work and effort they've put in to their own books, but this is my baby we're talking about here.
I mean, I've slaved and cried and worried over this manuscript for six years. Yup, that's right, SIX YEARS. It's been re-written at least four times and this last time of the 412 original pages I kept about ten. Yes, I said ten. I scrapped the entire manuscript, started nearly from scratch and created, what my critique partners called, a hot, character driven story. The bad guy is creepy and you really want him dead and the good guy is sooo yummy you can't blame the heroine for jumping his bones every opportunity she gets.
Okay, enough about me.
If you get the opportunity today, please run by and check in their News section for the latest update on American Title V (AT-V). You can cast your votes via email at: you just enter the title of the book in the subject line, nothing needs to go in the body of the email.
Thanks for listening to me rant. Post a comment if you feel like it. I'll make sure to get to them as quickly as possible.


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Cedar said...

That is absolutely WONDERFUL! Congratulations! Do I get to vote? Where?