Thursday, June 4, 2009

Setting Goals

Summer vacation is about to begin, but there won't be any time off for my writing. At last count I have a novella that needs 20,000 more words added to it; another novella that needs 40 pages of it removed and the beginning rewritten; a third novella that needs about 15-20,000 words added to it; and at least 3 novels outlined.

Can you tell I over schedule myself? Heck, if I'm not overcommitting , then I never know what to do with myself during the summer. In fact, last year was the first time I actually took the summer off. I think it was the greatest thing I could have ever done for myself. Kinda scary that I haven't actually thought about how to take care of myself until my first book sold in 2007.

This summer I'm hoping to get more stuff done this summer. Even more important about this summer, I've joined up with a bunch of great authors to challenge each other to keep a steady production of pages for projects.

So, I'm here to list some of the books I'm working on and the word count. I'm hoping to make a daily update, but I'm more likely to update weekly. (I know me, I'm a bad, BAD, procrastinator)

Here's the list:
Diablo Blanco Club: Midnight Masquerade (rewrite first 40 pages)
A Neighbor's Ultimatum (needs approximately 20,000 words)
Diablo Blanco Club: (TBD) --Jodi and Case's story
At the Claiming Moon -- 6,215 words (needs approximately 20,000 words)

There's some more, but I figured that's enough for now.

Hope you all have a great day, I'll try to get some other character interviews set up soon.


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Kissa Starling said...

Goals= progress= words! You are going to do great this month!