Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at the Diablo Blanco Club

**Please remember all postings about the Diablo Blanco Club are works of fiction. Any similarity to persons or places, living or dead, is purely coincidental.**

Every year, the Diablo Blanco Club throws a party that has Doms and subs eager to participate. It's a night to dress up and explore the endless possibilities available to them at the Midnight Masquerade. It's a tradition that began in the late 1800s and continued for several decades until prying eyes and greedy politicians attempted to manipulate the owner of the Club into participating in activities against the rules and nature of the Club and its members. Despite threats of sanctions and legal action, it kept its door open to those members willing to risk exposure of their lifestyle.

As society matured and acceptance grew, the Club came under the ownership of Bryce Halsey and Richard Bennett. With the power they wielded both in business and politics, the Club again began hosting a Midnight Masquerade. A Halloween party established exclusively to allow Doms and subs to mingle and meet with potential partners. The atmosphere is relaxed and the guests are by invitation only.

Throughout the evening guests drift between the dining room of the Club restaurant and the open lounge area. Only after agreements are made between parties are any of the guests allowed upstairs and only those guests who've made arrangements for a room in advance. With the popularity of the Masquerade it is rare to find an available reservation on Halloween night with less than two months notice.

Costumes are worn only by the submissives and each one's intent for the night is indicated by a bracelet given to them upon entering the Club. Dominants who attend dress in formal wear. It isn't uncommon to find couples in committed relationships attending--it is a party after all. Alcohol is available but excessive consumption is prohibited.

All of these elements aide both Dominants and submissives in their quest to find a partner to match their needs. It's only when someone new enters the premises that things can go awry. Even knowing what the Masquerade is in place for, there have been visitors who have been surprised when a prospective partner has approached them as the evening winds to a close. It's a tradition that midnight marks the end of the Masquerade. The party-goers without a reserved room dissipate and return to their homes or any private meeting spots interested couples have arranged with one another.

It may sound like a staid, boring party, but the entertainment makes it well worth attending. Though a small band plays, providing dance music to those interested, the primary "shows" are the various scenes played out by members. Especially the scenes enacted in the Haunted Dungeon. A trip into the lower rooms of the Club have brought many a guest together, if only to play out their own version of the "tortures" revealed in the temporary maze.

Only rumors have ever been whispered about the Midnight Masquerade. Whispers that titillate and intrigue Lyssa Lawrence into accepting an invitation to the Masquerade. An invitation presented in challenge by the one man she couldn't have, but longed to submit to--Michael Halsey. Perhaps this Halloween she'll give in to the curiosity and use the invitation.

We'll see...

Have a very happy Halloween!!

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