Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Blog Tour Stop Number 5!

You should have reached my site via Sara York's blog. Welcome to stop number 5 on the Sensual N Secret Valentine's Day Blog Tour. 

Valentine's Day is a day of feast for the senses. Think about it. Each of the five senses are stimulated to a quivering, giddy level on February 14th.

 Through sight a bombardment of hearts and flowers printed on cards; plastered on billboards; splashed across television and computer screens; inundate our eyes with inducements to purchase sparkling diamond or ruby encrusted jewelry.

With smell, there are the yummy aromas of chocolate or the luscious scent of roses as sweethearts send boxes and bouquets of each to their lovers and loved ones throughout the day.

Which leads to taste. The flavors of a home cooked meal or the offerings of a five star restaurant shared with the person you love seated across from you. The end of the meal bringing a succulent dessert or liqueur laced coffee....mmmm

Of course there is the walk home, and the sense of touch. Holding hands as you stroll along the streets, the chill in the late winter air necessitating you hold him, or her, closer as you head toward home. Hands entwined, shoulders rubbing against each other.

And the evening concludes with sound. The soft whisper of "I love you" accompanying the caress of lips along the throat, followed by the sexy nip of teeth on the earlobe. Perhaps the murmured suggestion of what will happen when the lovers reach the bedroom.

Taken individually they might make a person curious, but folded together and brushed with the fairy dust from a romance author's imagination, it might look like this:

The flames flickered, winking out as first one taper then the next burned out, the red wax pooling in the bases of the candlesticks. The Irish Creme laced coffee had gone cold in the ivory cups along side the catered meal only half eaten on the fine china.

From the bed, the harsh breathing of the occupants had begun to slow, returning to normal after the vigorous bout of lovemaking.

Leaning on his side, he smoothed the tangled strands of hair from her brow and watched the rise and fall of her breasts beneath the silk sheets. Smears of pink and brown were visible just above the ribbon trimmed edge of the sheet. He traced his finger along her jaw, then down her throat as he made his way to the covering and tugged the silk down, baring her body.

"Mmmm." The rumble of appreciation vibrated against her skin as he nibbled at the streaks of flavored paint. "Remind me to pick some more strawberry up on the way home."

She rolled toward him, dipping her head so her lips nibbled at his shoulder. "Only if you get the chocolate body paint as well."

Have a great Valentine's Day. Don't forget to proceed to your next stop: Lily Harlem's blog

If you get lost, you can find the order of the tour at the Sensual N Secret blog.


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