Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Greetings and Welcome to the Diablo Blanco

Welcome to my world!
The Diablo Blanco Club came to life while I wrote my erotic romance novel, Santa's Elf. You can check out my book at
Be prepared, this is a book with BDSM elements. This blog is for the over 18 crowd so if you aren't over 18, bye-bye!

The DBC is a fun little place populated by some interesting characters. There are the descendants of the original founder of the club--Jacob, Bryce, and Mike Halsey. Another partner in the club is Richard Bennett, a long time friend and college roommate to Bryce.

DBC allows new visitors a glimpse of the Bondage, Discipline, Slave, Master (BDSM) lifestyle as practiced by different members. I'm hoping some of the members and owners will drop in from time to time to chat or give an update on their lives.

Currently, Santa's Elf is still available for purchase on and the story of Bryce Halsey's courtship of his wife, Mattie Lawrence, (a prequel to Santa's Elf) will be coming out later this summer--depending upon the extent of the edits.

I hope you feel free to stop by and chat some with us.

Qwillia Rain

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