Saturday, August 28, 2010

Revisiting an Old Friend

It was this week last year that I learned that my book, Diablo Blanco Club: Unfair Advantage was going to print. I think in honor of the anniversary of its print debut, I'd reintroduce everyone to the hero of the book -- C. Brysson "Bryce" Halsey.

An Interview with C. Brysson "Bryce" Halsey
With the release of Diablo Blanco Club: Unfair Advantage on January 20, 2009, I felt it would be interesting to provide a sneak peak at one of the book's most interesting characters. Collas Brysson Halsey--Bryce--is the Master Dom and part owner of the Diablo Blanco Club. I'm hoping you will find the interview as interesting as I found conducting it.

If the office didn’t intimidate a visitor, the man behind the broad mahogany desk would. The wall of windows would probably turn him into a dark, looming shadow at sunset, but at high noon, the combined illumination from the sun and the overhead lights merely accented his pale blond hair and the ice-green of his eyes in his sun-darkened face. Leaning back in his leather executive chair, the fact that Bryce Halsey had discarded his suit coat and rolled the sleeves of his gray silk shirt to his elbows didn’t soften the impression of a man ready for battle.

BH: I don’t usually conduct interviews, Ms. Rain, but considering your connection to the Diablo Blanco Club, I decided to make an exception.

A faint Southern accent whispered through his voice.

QR: I appreciate it, Mr. Halsey.

BH: Bryce, please. He motioned to one of the two chairs facing his desk. Take a seat. A quick glance at his watch, then he turned his attention to me again. I’ve only got a few minutes before I have to leave for an important meeting.

QR: I’ll make it quick. Besides a few of my own questions, there are some readers who had questions as well. He nodded, but didn’t say anything. Coffee or tea?

BH: Coffee, lightly sweetened.

QR: Do you wake to an alarm? How do you stay in shape? Gym or physical exercise?

BH: His smile seemed indulgent. I tend to wake without an alarm. As for keeping myself in shape, I use different methods. I use the gym we have here in the building, I also work with the Arabian horses I breed and train, swim, and when Lawrence can talk me into taking time off, I’ve been teaching her and our children how to surf and sail.

QR: It sounds like you like to stay active.

BH: “A Master controls no one if he cannot control himself.” It’s a belief I feel is important to remember and keeping your physical body in shape is merely another method of maintaining control.

QR: Consulting my notes I tried to remember just why it had been so important to beard this particular lion in his den. You know that your book is coming out in January, right?

BH: Yes. Lawrence has been very excited about your finally finishing it.

QR: Thank you. I’m very excited to have it published. How do you feel about the release of Unfair Advantage? His expression didn’t give anything away, but the look in his eyes was enough to make me shift in my seat.

BH: I’m proud to see your stories so well received.

I could feel my face flush and his smile only made the embarrassment worse. Clearing my throat I looked back at my notes.

QR: I have to wonder how you feel about the Diablo Blanco Club garnering interest.

It’s nothing new. The Club has been a place of interest since it was originally founded.

QR: By your great-great-grandfather, correct?

BH: Yes, Cole Halsey founded the Club.

QR: If you grew up in South Carolina, how did you end up in San Diablo? How did you end up with part ownership of the Club?

BH: I came to attend university. As for the Club, I inherited my ownership from my grandfather’s brother.

QR: And your training as a Dom? When did that begin?

BH: I began reading about Dominant/submissive relationships when I was a teenager. When I expressed my interest to my father, he directed me to people who could provide guidance. After I came here, my great uncle was able to assist in my training. He also provided journals written by Cole Halsey and his wife Margaretta.

QR: Considering the reasons for your marriage to Mattie, one of the readers wondered about fidelity. I rushed to clarify myself at the distinctly cold glare facing me. Based on your history of past partners, what sets your wife apart from all the other women you’ve been involved with? Did you always imagine Mattie would be a good submissive?

BH: Lawrence is Lawrence. You don’t second guess what your soul recognizes. You just accept it and do everything possible to make sure you never lose it. As for her aptitude as a submissive, there was never any doubt.

QR: Do you have any other vices?

BH: That would be giving away secrets.

QR: Please?

BH: He moved from behind his desk and leaned against it while rolling his sleeves down, the expression in his pale green eyes dangerous. What do you consider vices?

QR: I guess you could say they’re naughty little needs that others think you shouldn’t give into.

BH: He seemed to carefully consider the description. Sweet tea, but that doesn’t quite fit your description, does it?

I shook my head.

BH: Okay. Needs that others think you shouldn’t give into? Hmmm. The feel of my wife climaxing. The scent of her skin after hours of making love, the expression in her eyes when she nurses our children. Hmm, but those aren’t really naughty, are they?

I must have shaken my head because he nodded before continuing.

BH: I find the sight of leather wrapped around my wife’s wrists and ankles arousing. The heat radiating from her ass after a careful application of a flogger can turn me on. Pressing her to reach beyond what she considers her limits and reaping the benefits of the excitement it engenders in her, is my air.

I had a hard time breathing as his accent thickened and the color of his eyes darkened. If this was how he coaxed Mattie into the different games they played, I now understood her inability to deny him anything.

QR: Well—I—yes, I think those would count. Unsure what to ask next, I was actually relieved when the intercom buzzed and Bryce’s next appointment was announced.

BH: I'm sorry we have to cut this short.

QR: Thank you for speaking to me today.

BH: Any time. His smile carried more of a challenge than humor. Perhaps this year, you'll accept one of the invitations to the Midnight Masquerade.

QR: I--uh--I'll think about it. I thanked Bryce again for his time and made a hasty retreat.